Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!

I’m a professional photographer based in Brussels and travelling all around the world.

Since a very young age I have had the chance to discover wonderful places, each one more beautiful than the other. I learned from different cultures, loved different countries with their people and mentalities. I have enjoyed every single moment, keeping it all with me for the future.

I lived several years in Brazil, where I was part of a different world. When your soul seems to be on holiday every day. Enjoying the sun on your skin, birds singing out loud and that typical tropical rain that comes and go every day. I trekked the world, from the North Pole with its overwhelming silence and landscapes to die for, to South Africa with its vivid colours, vast prairies and animals around each corner.

I realised I couldn’t keep this for myself. I had to share these experiences and beautiful images I kept inside my head. That’s when I bought my first Nikon reflex camera. I wanted to capture these landscapes, colours, people, all those memories. Keep them with me and show them to the others.

As time went by, I got more and more involved, changed cameras several times, wanting to do more, not just to capture an image. My mind was overflowing with ideas and ambition.

I wanted to dare, to create something, to own the moment.



Personal Photoshoot

Model book, personal projects, pregnancy, couple and family pictures; I’ll be glad to co-create the perfect photoshoot with you!

Campaign, Lookbook & Editorials

Always thrilled to shoot new images for your brand or magazine. I love working with new teams and create something amazing all together!

Social Media Content Creation

You’re a brand, a company or a freelance and struggling to pop out some great content for your social media platforms? I’m here to help! I do offer several packages to create high quality and consistent content for your pages while respecting your editorial line. 



I’ll be more than happy to capture this perfect day with you! I propose several packages to make sure everyone’s satisfied!


You’re organising an event and need to have someone by your side to capture every single moment of it? I’m here to help, and I’ll be thrilled to highlight it all!


From learning the essentials of photography to developing your already established skills, my workshops are completely personalised! They will cover my do’s and dont’s, some tips and tricks, marketing techniques and you’ll go home with some stunning images of our shoot with a professional model.